Salute to Galwan Valley martyrs

Salute to Galwan Valley Martyrs

The Unsung warriors of Galwan Valley.
As rightly said by Alexander Hamilton”Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.
Our 20 Brave Indian soldiers including a colonel were killed and several were heavily injured in a physical skirmish with Chinese troops in our Galwan Valley. The rising dispute of border and the uncanny presenceChinese troops lead no option for our Indian soldiers to fight them back and send them home.
Our soldiers truly showed their love for our country and proved that no one is capable to take our India.beingoverpowered they signed their last moments and carved a huge respect in our hearts.
In such a time we all should put forth our deepest condolences to family and should take an oath to help them.

Let us assure their family their names will remain in our hearts forever.
It’s once again a time to prove its a New India.
It’ll hit you and keep hitting you yet harder if you trespass our Country.

Team WCI Dental Care salutes all the martyrs and their families.

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