Root Canal

Root Canal

Root Canal

Root canal, very well known but sometimes completely misunderstood terminology in dentistry. People know the word root canal but do they really know what is exactly root canal? What steps involved in the root canal? How much root canal cost in India? Where can I find the best root canal treatment in Pune? Let’s get some basic idea of what is exactly root canal and what kind of treatments involved in the root canal? and explore more about the root canal.

The root canal is a treatment involving repairing of the bad or infected tooth. Dentist objective behind root canal treatment is to remove bacteria or dead tissues from the tooth which causing you severe pain.

When Root Canal Treatment Needed?

When there is the infection in the tooth, root canal treatment is recommended by the dentist.Inside our tooth, there is a pulp which might get infected due to bacteria or because of the injury.Such condition causes tooth infection which leads to further tooth decay or tooth pain.By observing tooth infection status dentist may recommend root canal treatment or complete extraction of the tooth.

What are the steps involved in Root Canal treatment?

The root canal is a 4 step process which might involve 2 visits to the clinic.

  1. Dentist provides local anaesthesia to the tooth using a needle to numb the tooth.The patient might feel a little bit of pinch where a needle is inserted. Dentist place a dental dam once a tooth is numb for isolating the tooth for cleaning and drying purpose during a procedure.
  2. using the small tool such as a small drill, dentist creates an opening in the top portion of the tooth for accessing the inner side of the tooth. The dentist uses small files for removing damaged pulp inside of the tooth. A dentist may use water to clear up all remaining pulp inside the tooth chamber.
  3. After cleaning and drying of the chamber, a dentist will fill the chamber with the material called gutta-percha. The opening of the tooth is closed by temporary filling.
  4. After some weeks dentist will place a permanent crown or any other restoration on the top of the tooth as a final step,

    Any aftercare procedure?

    Get a good oral care routine at home like brushing twice a day. Also, regular dental checkup within a year may keep your root canal treatment under observation by minimising chances of further bacteria infections at the very early stage.

Root Canal treatment cost in India?

Unlike the USA, UK dental treatment in India is cost friendly and effective. We at WCI Dental care provide best root canal treatment in Pune. We work on single charge policy irrespective of demographics, nationality or any other factor. That’s why we are very transparent with our service charges. For more about our Dental fee structure please visit here.

So do you have the bad tooth or severe pain in your tooth? Feel free to consult with the best dentist in Pune, Dr Santoh Pingale having more than 17 years of experience in dental services. Book your free consultation here and get a healthy smile!

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