Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery/Flap Surgery
It is a minor surgical procedure wherein the gums are opened under Local Anesthesia and the infection around the tooth beneath the gums is removed.
It gives complete access to the bone covering around and holding the tooth tightly.
All the harmful tartar and plaque is cleaned after opening the gums and delicate suture or stitches are given for better and faster healing of the site.
Sometimes if there is less bone support around the tooth artificial Bone powder or Bone Graft material is used to create some new bone which is covered by a membrane for protection.
Sutures are removed after about a week.

How painless or safe is Flap Surgery??
It’s done under local anaesthesia so the gums are numbed and thus it’s painless.Not being a very invasive surgery it is absolutely safe and makes the teeth and gums tighter after the process.

Who Needs Flap Surgery??
Gum disease or Periodontal disease (Pyorrhea) patients who are in advanced stage need it.When the tartar and plaque are under the gums and cannot be cleaned directly then this surgery is recommended.Complaints of these patients are Bleeding Gums, Bad Breathe, slightly Mobile or shaking teeth and unable to bite hard food.

What if Flap Surgery is ignored when advised??
If there is a need for surgery and it’s not done then the disease aggravates in such a manner that gums swell, bad breath, bleeding gums, shaking or moving teeth and finally teeth come out as a consequence.
Bone support loss is a permanent no reversible damage, so that should be avoided or stopped immediately upon finding.

Post Flap Surgery care

Avoid hard pricky spicy food for 7 days, proper medicines as prescribed and good oral hygiene maintenance is all that is needed.


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