Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Fast, less cost and noninvasive option for beautiful smile crafting is composite Fillings. But why this is a good treatment to consider? Let’s explore some more details regarding this smile designing option.

What Is Composite Filling or Tooth coloured filling?
A cosmetic dentistry procedure where a composite resin is shaped and moulded on your teeth in an artistic manner which gives the look of straighter, whiter smile is known as composite filling or bonding.This solution is applicable in chipped teeth, staining in teeth and fillings or gapped teeth.For composite bonding, unlike porcelain veneer mostly one single appointment is sufficient yet it depends on the complexity.

Is composite bonding right for me?
This technique is not for everyone. Smile disturbed by over or underbite this treatment will not able to overcome smile issue. In this case, you need to consult with your dentist, looking for more adjustments like adjusting your bite, complex gaps in your teeth etc. Composite bonding is primarily for cosmetic solution seeker having healthy teeth and having no other bite related issues.
What to expect during your dental visit?
According to American Dental Association(ADA), this technique is in use since more than 50 years. Thus nowadays, the process and filing have achieved remarkable efficiency and its very easy technique for the dentist and you as well.
The treatment itself often starts with the removal of some surface enamel, allowing the dentist to best shape the composite resin to your tooth, followed by the application of the bonding agent. Your dentist will then add the composite resin, cure it with a special light and finish by polishing your teeth. Because the process involves a high level of technique for a natural mould and shape, it’s best to work with a dentist who has experience and speciality in this area.
The treatment includes processes like removing surface enamel, which helps the dentist to best shape to a composite resin to your tooth.A bonding agent is applied after this. A dentist will then add the composite resin and with a special curing light or Laser light, teeth polishing is done as a final step. As composite binding involves the high level of skill technique for a natural mould and shape, it’s best advised to work with the best dentist having experience in composite bonding.

Any aftercare tips after composite bonding?
Now day’s composite material is much more durable which does not require regular attention. Thus, after composite bonding treatment, you don’t require to visit a dentist for special visits and follow up. It’s best advised to keep regular dental checkup along with daily oral health care. Use of best mouthwashes will help you to improve gum strength. Also, you should avoid hard biting of hard foods, ice which will help in preventing cracking.

Cost for Composite Bonding in India?
Usually, cost of composite bonding in USA, Canada, UK varies from $300 USD to $700 USD which is quite expensive. But at WCI Dental Care we believe in transparency, and quality, we provide the best cost for composite bonding treatment. For more please look for our pricing page as we believe in transparency at every stage of our treatment.
Dr Pingale has changed numerous smiles to achieve Beautiful and confident smiles for his clients which include Anchors, stage performers, front desk and Salespeople incorporates, for whom smiling is a business and matters the most.
Smile changes once personality, confidence social status and helps enhance your personal and professional relationships.
So invest in your smile, as you wear it daily.

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