Dr. Sujata Pingale

Expert at Root Canals and General Kids Dentistry

Dr. Sujatha Pingale graduated in 2005 since 11 years she is practicing dentistry with passion. Her main area of concern is advanced root canal treatment, pediatric dentistry, and aesthetic dentistry. What she likes best about her work is when she gives a patient a “smile” that they are proud to wear. In some case4s, a patients appearance affects their ability to interact successfully with others. Many patients won’t smile because they believe they have an unattractive smile. Often one or two appointments may correct the problem. Other times it may take months to make a difference. Her artistic and creative abilities have really helped her as a dentist. Being good with your hands and being compassionate are also necessary skills in good dental practice. She approaches dental care with the goal that she wishes every patient to live happier, more comfortable and more pain-free than they did when they centered. Her primary concern is making sure you feel well taken care of helping anxious patients, children and adults alike feel comfortable.


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