Having difficulty in chewing food because of missing teeth, heard about Dental Implants ?? Not able to chew on hard food?  Not confident while smiling because of missing or loose front tooth or teeth but wci dental care is the Dental implants in Chinchwad & Chikhali will the give you perfect solution on the problem .


“White Castles International Dental Care is the best Dental implants in chinchwad & chikhali has a solution to your smile and chewing problems.WCI can help you bite hard food like all others and also get you a new beautiful and confident smile with dental implants !!”



The missing teeth can be replaced in a fixed manner either by making a bridge or placing Dental Implants. Dental implants are currently the best way to get back your missing or lost teeth. It is the most conservative way of getting fixed teeth which last longer than the conventional caps and bridges. A dental implant is a pure titanium fixture which replaces the root of the tooth and then after a few days when it is accepted well in jaw bone it gets a cap on top of it



“Procedure of dental implant is absolutely painless after giving local anesthesia. Dental Implant treatment gives excellent results in all age patients (except kids).There is no need of hospitalisation or rest or leave from office to get dental implants done.It is an routine procedure done precisely and safely at WCI Dental Care.”




Fixed teeth replaced with the help of dental implants allow you to bite on all types of foods. Dental Implant teeth replacement lasts longer than any other treatment. With the variety of implant companies, available patients can choose the implant cost suiting to their budget. This makes dental implants affordable and long-lasting option.

Dental implants in Chinchwad & chikhali has all the necessary types of equipment and expertise to give the best results. WCI provides adults as well as old age dental implant patients with fixed dentures or semifixed denture types.

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Dr. Santosh Pingale

White Castles International Dental Care

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